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Jessica Zhu

Founder/Partner/Chief lawyer

Expertise: Intellectual property protection, strategy and litigation, contract disputes, difficult dispute resolution, retrial, economic crime criminal defense, cross-border commercial agreements

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Zhimei Sun

Partner/Lawyer/Trademark attorney

Expertise: Intellectual property business such as trademark administrative procedures, trademark administrative litigation, trademark civil litigation, and copyright etc., civil and commercial letigation

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Jingjia (Jeremy) Shen

Representative in Taipei/Lawyer licensed in Taiwan, China

Expertise: Corporate law, investment and financing, patent law

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Jin Shirun (South Korea)

Partner/Korean patent attorney

Expertise: Core intellectual property business such as patent mining, layout, writing, application, response, review, invalidity, etc.

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Colin Egemonye

Partner/Practicing lawyer in Nigeria, England, and Wales

Expertise: Litigation and dispute resolution, compliance, management, due diligence/enterprise investigation, service agreement, cross-border business agreement, joint venture, intellectual property, legal risk management, and implementation of foreign judgments

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Travis LI

Senior consultant

Expertise: Mining and writing of patents, handling of review opinions and rejection of reexamination and invalidation, intellectual property administrative litigation, infringement litigation, intellectual property laws, policies and theoretical research.

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Rui Guo

PhD/Associate professor

Expertise: Company law, law and innovation, corporate social responsibility, law and development, financial regulation, comparative law; lecture on company law, disability rights protection, and capital markets

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Songbo Xu

PhD/Taiwan lawyer/Tokyo administrative clerk

Expertise: Cross Strait and Japanese cross-border investment, transactions, labor and tax planning cases, negotiation and recovery of cross-border debt disputes, cross-border hotel and tourism related industries, cross-border marriage and inheritance disputes, emerging laws related to financial technology regulations and IT industry, energy industry and animal protection regulations, maritime cargo damage and related insurance disputes

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Ping Hu

PHD of law/American lawyer

Expertise: Consulting, protection, strategy, transfer, and litigation of intellectual property

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Hao Liu

Consultant/PhD/Resident physician

Expertise: Human biology, translational medicine and clinical medicine

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