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About J's Law Firm
Adhering to the “Client First”philosophy, backed by domestic markets, having broad international view, and pursuing excellent service quality.

J's Law Firm is a law firm licensed by the Ministry of Justice of the P.R.C., as well as a trademark agency registered with the National Intellectual Property Administration, P.R.C. (CNIPA), and a member of China Trademark Association. Partners and offices are located in Beijing, Taipei, and Boston, with headquarter located in Vantone Financial Center in Beijing. Adhering to the “Client First” philosophy, backed by domestic markets, having broad international view, and pursuing excellent service quality, J's is committed to providing solutions that meet the core interests of clients and developing into a top, comprehensive and international law firm.

One of the core businesses of J's Law Firm is dispute resolution and non-dispute services related to intellectual property. J's IP Agency constitutes J's's intellectual property foundation business team, and is a member of the "J's Legal Group" along with J's. Its legal team and expert advisory team include multiple senior patent and trademark agents and lawyers from well-known intellectual property law firms and agencies, renowned expert professors, and alumni of Peking University. Based on the rich experience in both the Chinese and International intellectual property legal systems and working procedures, J's lawyers and experts provide long-term services for mature or start-up, domestic or overseas innovative companies, having handled and protected the interests of clients in a large number of domestic and foreign intellectual property cases. J's also maintains close cooperative relations with overseas intellectual property research, teaching, consulting and service entities.

J's Law Firm is also committed to other non-litigation businesses, such as acting as companies' outside counsel, providing legal services relating to investment and financing, handling litigation and non-litigation dispute resolution in civil, commercial, economic and other fields, as well as legal assistance and defense for parties in criminal cases. The partners have extensive experience expecially in transnational business and retrials of difficult and delicate cases.

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Firm Philosophy
Far Into the Future Deep Into the Detail

Our unwavering goal is to be customer-oriented and provide satisfactory legal services to our customers. J's also realizes that the value of legal services lies in the future rather than the past. It is not only about solving past problems for customers, but also about designing the future for customers to ensure their future development.

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J’s IP Agency
An intellectual property agency with great developing prospects

The business types of J's IP Agency include domestic and foreign patent application, trademark application, software registration, integrated circuit layout registration, customs protection, intellectual property licensing, transfer, as well as intellectual property disputes, litigation and so on.

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